Are You Considering Safety And Security Glass Window Film?

If you have standard glass windows, then you probably know that they are easy to break by burglaries, which can give them access to steal your confidential business or personal information, jewelry, tools, computers and other valuables and all this can be done in a matter of minutes.  However, if you get security or safety film applied to the surface on the inside of your glass, then in the event of breakage, the film will keep the broken pieces together without shattering while the rest of the glass will stay intact inside the frame.  Now, depending on the type of security film or safety film you can increase the level of security for your home or business.  There are window film systems such as the Film Flex System that is designed to keep the glass/film tightly locked together on the inside perimeter of the window frame.

How Exactly Does Security Film Work?

Security film has a patented adhesive that when applied it will create a molecular bond to your window and hold it tightly together, even if it is struck multiple times.  And if the glass were to crack or break, it will still remain attached to the film while keeping the entire pane of glass in the frame.  Due to the films resistant to shear, elasticity and tensile strength this combined will prevent objects from breaking the film or glass.

Why You Should Use Alarms With Security Films?

While not necessary, if you use an alarm with security film, then the alarm would be triggered by the first sign of an impact and even if the glass were to break, the burglar would still not have access.  And even if the burglar is persistent, then continually trying to break the window will only cause a lot more noise and may be too much of a task that they would be deterred, since most burglars try to get things done in minutes, so they will more than likely give up and look for an easier target.

Hurricane Protection

Broken glass causing injury to humans are very common during hurricanes, but thankfully there are now films like Glass-Gard Safety Film the basically eliminates these particular types of injury.  Window film is becoming more popular for homeowners that are on a budget and can’t afford other types of hurricane protection such as hurricane shutters or impact windows.

Other Benefits Of Window Film

Window films are great to protect your furnishings and flooring from ultraviolet rays, which also aids in fade reduction.  You can find them in different varieties which include reflective, tinted, energy savings, increase comfort and glare reduction.

Protection from Loss, Destruction, Crime and Harm

If you currently have standard glass, then you probably know it is probably the most vulnerable section of your house, business or automobile.  But if you apply security film to standard windows, this will turn them into a shield that offers 24 hour protection against burglaries, vandals, hurricanes and other natural disasters.  When standard glass breaks it can be a mess, which can pose danger to you and your family, as the shattered pieces of glass can become airborne, which can lead to serious injuries.  And if glass is easily accessible, then vandals, criminals and natural disasters can enter your home or business.

Security and Safety film minimizes the different broken glass hazards as it prevents broken glass from shattering, while at the same time providing other benefits for homeowners or business owners.  To learn more go to this site.

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