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Do you know how exactly impact resistant windows work? Well, let’s break it down for you in the simplest of terms. The hurricane proof window is made up of multiple panes of impact glass and in between each pane of glass is a shatter resistant membrane or inner layer that the whole purpose is to keep the pieces of glass together if the outer impact window styles in North Miami FL.pane is ever broken. So yes, these storm tight windows can actually break, it just takes a lot to break them, heck they use missiles to test how strong these windows are and they go through these tests without breaking.

So back to this inter-layer, either you will get SGP or PVB; these also help to make your home more energy efficient. Now if you have regular windows and they break, then that can be very dangerous as you could have multiple pieces of sharp glass coming into your home with can cause serious damage and injuries. So this design of the storm window is also what makes it hard for burglars to break into your home or business.

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