Here Are Some Impact Door Options For Your Home

Many homeowners typically choose wood doors for their homes because of the warmth that it brings to their home as well as the aesthetic appeal and the authentic look, and there is nothing wrong with wooden doors as long as they are not getting direct sunlight and if they have an overhang to protect it. The disadvantage of wood doors is that at some point or another, they will require some type of maintenance to keep them looking new and for them to last a long time.

Different temperatures can make the wood doors contract or expand and this is due to the natural fibers that make up wood doors, so the environment will determine the functionality and durability of wood doors. If you live in a warm climate like Miami, then you will need to give you wood door some type of maintenance, at least once per year, and as far as protection is concerned, that will depend on the type of finish that is applied to your door.

Impact Doors Miami

There is a wide selection of sizes, finishes and styles of Impact Doors that are made of wood and impact resistant glass that you can choose from to secure your home from hurricanes.

Solid Wood Doors

There are also solid wood doors that can provide homeowners with added security, they require less maintenance and increase security.

Fiberglass Doors

Many fiberglass doors are now designed to look like wood and one of the main benefits of fiberglass doors is that they require very little maintenance to keep them looking new.

Metal or Steel Doors

Typically, metal or steel doors are used for front doors or for patio doors when there is no or very little overhang protection from direct sunlight or from extreme weather conditions.  Metal composites are used to make steel doors.  Ask your local window dealer about hurricane impact resistant steel doors, to get an idea of the many different styles that are available for homeowners in Miami.

Energy Efficient Doors

If you are looking for the most advanced energy efficient ratings, then you will want to shop around for impact doors that are made of polystyrene cores.  These custom-fitted doors are pre-made in several different sizes of standard door openings, so that it will fit perfectly, before they are installed or ordered.  This is important because the right measurement will make sure that you will have an air tight seal at your door opening and ensures that the polystyrene core will have the best results.  For impact doors to be considered energy efficient in Miami, Florida, then they must be able to keep warmer temperatures on the outside of the house and in colder states, they are considered energy efficient if they can keep the cold air on the outside of the building.

Impact resistant doors should be installed to open outward, as this will provide added security and safety during bad weather conditions, such as high winds from hurricanes, as the frame of the door will act as a barricade from inward forces of hurricane winds.  When choosing hurricane impact doors you will find that depending on the manufacturer, they will vary in quality and they will receive certifications and approvals from local government departments depending on the brand and model.

And if you hate having to dust blinds every so often, you can now find new door styles that actually have blinds installed inside 2 layers of hurricane impact resistant door glass.

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