Want To Learn Tips On How To Install Them?

Here are some tips for installing South Florida Windows yourself. Setting up impact-resistant windows are much the exact same as any framed window setup and roughly about 3 hours per impact window.

Measure the measurements of the rough opening where you plan to set up your hurricane window.  It’s important to get the measurements first, so that when you go to purchase Your South Florida Impact Windows you will be able to match the dimensions minus a half-inch on the height and width to enable for correct fitting.

Cut the water-resistive obstacle on the exterior of the window opening horizontally along the base of the window sill opening, making use of a sharp knife, then cut throughout the top of the opening. Make some more cuts diagonally from the leading edges of the opening in a 45-degree angle away from the opening for a length of 6 inches.

Staple them into location. Fold the leading flap up against the outside wall and tape it in location briefly with a piece of tape.

Put a carpenter’s level on the window sill to inspect that the sill is level. Get a 1-inch-wide wood shims, at least a quarter-inch thick, throughout the window sill about a half-inch from each side of the sill to set the window onto.

Cut 2 strips of tape 12 inches longer than the width of the window opening, making use of the knife for this task. Put the first strip onto the window sill, overhanging the outside edge by 1 inch, with the ends of the tape increasing 1 inch up the walls of the rough opening.

Put the 2nd strip of tape along the window sill so that it runs flush along the back of the sill without overlapping the edge into the interior of the structure. The tape ought to overlap the first strip by at least 1 inch.

Connect the setup clips to the edges of the window frame where suggested by the window maker’s guidelines, with the clips pointed towards the indoor side of the window. The number and positioning of clips differ according to window size and brand.

Pull the installment fin surrounding the window out so that it frames the window at a 90-degree angle to the window’s surface area. Place the window in the opening by turning it into location till all of the window edges are an equal distance from the frame.

Set a carpenter’s level onto the front of the window and turn the leading forward or backwards within the opening till the window is plumb. Drive 2 roof nails with the installment fin at the top of each side to hold the window in location.

Set shims into the spaces along the sides of the window at the mounting hole areas to keep the window focused and to stay clear of damaging the frame with the screws.

Drive roof nails with the remainder of the mounting holes in the flashing around the outside window boundary, making use of a hammer, to hold the window in position.

By drilling a # 8-by-1.5-inch screws, you can secure the window in place, with the installment clip. If the property you are installing these windows are located near to the coast, then use stainless steel screws and for areas that are more inland you can use galvanized steel screws.

Put the tape onto the sides of the window, extending 2 inches past the window area, overlapping the edge of the nailing fin by a half-inch. Put it on the wall so that the tape overlaps the leading edge of the window flashing by a half-inch.

Pull down the water-resistive obstacle above the window so that it falls over the flashing. Location flashing tape along the 45-degree cuts at the edges of the obstacle.

Cut 2 pieces of foam backer pole the exact same length as the height of the window and put it into the space from the outside, leaving about a half-inch of area in between the edge of the backer pole and the window frame surface area. Put a bead of silicone caulk around the outside window opening in the space over the backer pole to produce an airtight seal.

We hope you found this article on South Florida Hurricane Resistant Windows useful.

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