What Are The Benefits Of Storm Windows?

What Are The Benefits Of Impact Windows?

Do you live in places where there are frequent storms, hurricanes and tornados? If yes, you need to invest in high impact windows. These windows are also known as hurricane windows or impact resistant windows. There are numerous benefits to installing these windows on your house. So what are the different benefits of impact windows?

24/7 protection against hurricane, storms and burglary 

Yes, most people only associate impact windows with protection against hurricanes and storm windows, however, these types of windows also offer great protection against burglary as well. Once you install these windows in your house, you will not only protect your home against hurricanes and storms, but you will also offer it a 24/7 protection against burglary. These windows have a PVB inter-layer that is sealed between two glass layers thus making break-ins difficult. Due to this layer, hurricane windows are best poised to withstand even the strongest storms or hurricanes.  Or in the case of a burglary, it will stand up to thieves throwing such things as bricks to break the glass to gain entrance into your home.

Improved energy efficiency 

By installing these windows on your house, you can significantly reduce your utility bills at the same time, while giving your home maximum protection against hurricanes and storms. Many hurricane windows are made using heavy-duty aluminum frames and glazing panes, thus making them more energy efficient. They also provide superb insulation capabilities by the virtue of isolating interior spaces from weather changes.  These windows will reduce your energy cost mainly by allowing less light to come into your home, so as a result your home will remain cooler during the hot hours of each day.

Significant noise reduction 

High impact windows are also known for their unmatched ability to counter outside noises significantly. They are arguably the greatest contributor to bringing quiet environments and peace inside properties and homes that are located near busy highways, bus intersections or heavy traffic areas. So, if you live in areas prone to a lot of noise, it is high time you invest in these windows and you will be surprised at how significant they will reduce the outside noises that are sometimes disturbing you and your family.

Come with insurance premium discounts 

Storm resistant windows are not only effective hurricane protection systems, but they are also recognized by virtually all leading insurance companies. This means that these windows come with insurance premium discounts, which are effective in significantly reducing the cost of installing them.

Maximum UV protection 

High impact windows are known for providing 100% protection against ultraviolet rays. These rays can ruin all your valuable interiors such as loveseat, flooring, photographs and electronics. UV rays are one of the causes of skin cancer and skin infections. That explains why it is imperative to protect your home from these rays. The best way of ensuring that you are safe from dangers occasioned by UV rays, is by installing hurricane proof windows in your house. These windows can block the damaging UV rays even without reducing visible light.

Proven quality 

When it comes to protecting homes and properties against hurricanes, burglaries and other dangers your home is susceptible to, hurricane windows are revered for their unmatched quality protection. These windows are made from high-grade aluminum and glass, hence giving them unequaled ability to withstand even the worst climate on earth. If you invest in these windows, you are assured that your home is protected against virtually most dangerous.

Reliable warranty 

These windows come with a reliable warranty. Some windows may come with a 5 year warranty on both installation, labor and the cost of purchasing these windows. In the event that these windows sustain damages, you can be guaranteed to get free repair services.

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