What Are The Perks That Replacement Windows Have To Offer?

Home improvement projects seem to get both easier and better each year and the advancement in technology has a lot to do with it.  And if you are not sure what I am talking about, you can just look around and you will see changes in solar powered fixtures, roofing upgrades, siding, fortified door replacements and replacement windows.  If you were to compare what was available on the market 5 years ago to what is available today, you will see some big differences.

There has  been a growing trend in recent years as more and more homeowners are trying to become more eco-friendly and in doing so one of the things they are doing with their home, is remodeling their windows and doors as well as their appliances so that their home is more energy efficient.  There are numerous reasons as to why impact resistant windows are great for your home, we will now discuss a few of those, as well as look at some of the advantages of changing out your old standard windows for new hurricane impact resistant windows.

Reliable, Stronger, Prettier

A few years ago, impact resistant windows use to be very ugly when compared to standard windows, but today they are very stylish and when we look at the research and R-values, we can see how effective they are at regulating the temperature inside a home and keeping outside temperatures where they belong, outside and they are designed to stand up to some of the worst weather conditions, such as hurricanes.

Window Panes Are Stronger By Design

If you currently have standard windows, then you know that they offer very little resistance to the cold or heat and they just pass right through.  But with today’s window replacements they are designed to trap or deflect the hot or cold air from entering one’s home.  This is because these newer hurricane proof windows are heftier, as they are made with double and triple panes per sheet.  And to take things a step further, there are little crannies and nooks that are used to shield the interior of your home from the harmful ultraviolet rays that could damage your flooring or furnishings, but without sacrificing the amount of natural sunlight that enters your home, I guess you can look at these windows as filters, that only let in the good stuff, which in this case would be sunlight, but they filter out the bad stuff, which in this case would be the UV rays.

Thermostat Control

When it comes to temperature regulation, storm proof window replacement is great as they are designed to trap the heat or cold air from your air conditioner in your home, so it won’t escape like with standard windows.  If you currently have a central air conditioning unit in your home, then you will see a big difference with installing impact resistance windows as they will significantly reduce your energy cost each month, as these windows will properly insulate your home so that your air conditioner or heater will work less and more efficiently.

Stylish and Customizable Designs

These windows are designed to be a buffer to outside noise and they are also resistant to condensation that can occur with windows and since they are customizable they will fit any layout that your home may have.  So whether you need smaller subtle basement windows or maybe you want your new windows to make your living room appear more defined, there are window options for your every need.  One design of windows that are very popular amongst homeowners is the over arched unique appeal that Picture Windows offer.  They have diagonal frames and the panes are a lot smaller, which would mean that installation, would take a little longer than normal.  The Picture Windows are normally used to get more light into the dining room and living room.

Another popular design is the Bow Windows that are used either on the side or front of the house.  And they are more commonly used for the sunroom or any other extension of the house and it’s because they extend outward from the main foundation of the house.  Then there are smaller examples of impact windows such as the Hopper, Slider, Awning or Casement Windows.  These are typically used for basements, bathrooms or similar rooms because of their simple design, but are very reliable when it comes to being energy efficient.

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