5 Reasons You May Want To Get Pino Windows For Your Home

If you want to save money on your electric bill each month, then one of the best ways is to replace your old, inefficient windows with new modern hurricane windows. Installing replacement windows are a great way to save tons of money on the ever increasing energy costs.  Most homeowners will see anywhere from a 30% to 40 percent savings on their energy bill after they replace their old standard windows with new energy efficient Pino Windows.

Most homeowners do not realize how bad their windows were to begin with and how much they have deteriorated over the years.  Let us discuss 5 of the top reasons why you should consider purchasing new impact windows sooner than later:

  1. You currently have some type of metal window frame, the problem with metal that is a natural conductor of heat and it is not as efficient as frames made with vinyl or wood.  If you would like to test how much of a conductive metal is, just wait until it is really hot or cold outside and then put your hand close to the frame, what you will feel is the temperature radiating from the metal frame of the window, this is not good for several reasons.
  2. If you only have one glass pane that separates the outside elements from the interior of your house.  Glass in itself doesn’t provide good insulation for your home, most single panes of glass only have a resistance value of less than 1.  What’s the R-Value stands for, is how resistant to heat the glass will be, so the higher the number the more energy efficient the pane of glass will be.  For example, the attic in your home has an R-Value of 30 or R30.  So to increase the insulation of your home, you will need to get at least 2 panes of glass and it would be even better if in between those panes you could get some type of gas such as Krypton or Argon.  What this will do is give you a resistance of up to R12, dependent on the type of impact windows you get, but in any case you will see a big difference in your monthly electric bill.
  3. If you have existing vinyl windows and you notice that there is moisture in between the different panes of glass, then you have a problem with the seals and they are probably broken and if they are broken then any gas that was in there would have leaked out so your windows are no longer providing the insulation they use to.  So what you are basically left with is 2 panes of glass which basically gives you an R2 or less value.
  4. If you do not have Low-E coating on your glass, an easy way to check if you have Low-E is to sit by the window when the sun is shining through and if you feel like you are sitting under a heat lamp then you more than likely do not have a Low-E coating on your existing windows.  In the winter months this may not be a big deal, because you want that heat to come in to keep your home warm, however, in the summer months that heat coming in will drive up the cost of your air conditioning bill.  When it comes to having comfort in your home, Low-E coating can make a big difference.
  5. If you feel a draft coming through your windows then you have a problem, even windows less than ten years can have this particular problem, as it really doesn’t matter the age of your existing vinyl windows it is the quality.  If you were to research it, you would find that most builder grade windows that are used in homes have very low ratings for air infiltration.  Now what exactly does that mean to you, it means that the outside air is being forced into your home at many gallons each minute, which can be the cause of high electric bills in the winter or summer months.

We just discussed the top 5 indicators that would tell you that you may want to consider getting new impact resistant windows.  If you are one of those homeowners that really like aluminum windows, then one of the best manufacturer’s is Pino Windows Corp, they have a window line known as DurAlum which is an excellent high quality aluminum window and doors.

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