Are Hurricane Windows Worth The Money?

Whether you are looking for high impact windows, storm windows or impact resistant windows, they are all the same thing; they just go by different names.  So depending on who you are talking to, they may refer to them differently, however, regardless of what they are called, these hurricane resistant windows have some important functionality, with the number one function probably being the way it protects your home and family from the devastation that can come about from a hurricane.

If you have done any research, then you know these windows are not cheap and I am sure the cost has lead you to the next question of whether or not these types of windows are even worth the money to buy and install them.  But you know it is a good idea to have hurricane protection but maybe you can just get by with shutters or plywood.

All of them offer protection, some better than others and all have their advantages and disadvantages.  Shutters are especially great for wind borne debris, such as roof tiles or potted plants.  Some homeowners opt to try window film as well, which is definitely good for preventing harmful Ultra Violet rays from entering your home and they offer some impact resistance but depending on the category hurricane, this may not be your best option.  But most people do use window film because of the low cost involved in purchasing and getting them installed.

If you currently have panels or accordion shutters, then you already know that they can be difficult to install and complex to use.  One of the biggest downsides of them is that they do not allow much light to come into your home, if any at all.  And yes, after the event that something has hit your window and breaks it, having window film will give you a certain level of protection as it will hold the glass in place while shattered, however, other problems can come about if the windows is not installed correctly during a bad storm as well as if the glass is not securely fastened inside the window frame.

With storm proof windows, you can expect nothing less than the best protection during a tropical storm.  With proper installation they will become an integral part of the structure of your home, which will eliminate the chances of wind going around them and ripping them out of the wall, which is a common problem with shutters.  Most homeowners love them because they allow light to come into their home, while at the same time offering protection to your carpeting, furnishings and drapes so they will not get damaged by the harmful rays of the sun.  Once installed they do not require any maintenance and are ready to go whenever you need them, all you have to do in the event of a hurricane is to make sure they are closed and locked securely.

Some of the most important benefits of these windows are that they offer protection from forced entry and they offer twenty four hour protection three hundred and sixty five days a year.  All homes built after 2001 in Florida are now required to have impact windows or shutters to reduce the effects of hurricanes. Go Here to learn more.

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