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Choosing a glass window. Nowadays on the market, we have basically three types of glass for windows. On the one hand, we have single glazing, which are constituted by a single glass. We also have double glazing, which are formed by two or more panes of glass, and finally, we have insulating glass.

The choice of one or the other will depend on the needs and circumstances of each customer. The glass windows commonly used in most of our buildings and homes is one that is composed of several panes separated by an air chamber, which causes the window to have greater thermal insulation. In fact, an energy efficient glass window can have a heat transfer coefficient of 30% lower than a traditional residential glass; however, it costs 40% more, not including the overhead of the installation. In any case, the use of double glazing with an air chamber against a single glass, saves in certain climates per day approximately 24 kWh.

Double or triple glazing windows, are built with a gas chamber of air like argon gas, which is inert, colorless and odorless. Such gases, other than the air density, improve thermal and acoustic insulation of the whole window, however, represent a significant additional cost of the entire window.

Choosing a glass window

The glass window for radiation resistant:

Any window, whether single or double, can consist of different types of glass: clear glass, colored and reflective. Colored glass mainly absorbs infrared radiation and is transparent. The reflective glass is obtained by applying on one side of the pane a metal oxide at high temperature. This type of glass reduces the load of solar radiation, preventing it from entering the building.

In any case, be careful with this type of insulation against solar radiation, as this type of window glasses keep out solar radiation in both summer and winter.

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