Why You Should Consider Dade County Certified Windows & Doors

No matter where you live in the United States or any part of the world for that matter, you will have to deal with some type of Natural Disaster. And if you experience a natural disaster that includes airborne debris, then you are familiar with the damage that can be done to vehicles, boats, campers, landscaping, commercial buildings and residential homes. Flying debris is one of the most dangerous parts of a hurricane, but homeowners that have impact windows understand how valuable they are when it comes to protections their family, home and office.

The best impact resistant windows and doors that you can find today are the ones that are certified and wind-borne tested according to the Miami-Dade County standards. Even in a not so active hurricane season, Dade County will experience some type of tropical storm or tropical depression each and every year. To make hurricane windows and doors more durable, the manufacturers have developed both small and large missile tests to make sure that their door and window products can stand up not just high winds but also to flying debris. Miami-Dade County approved products are so durable, that they are now part of not just the Miami Building code, but also for the entire state of Florida building code. Government officials highly recommend them so that they can help to assist with the security and safety of their residents.

If you are considering window replacement by upgrading your existing residential windows to hurricane windows, you will quickly realize that you will now have peace of mind and security from both natural disasters and burglars. No longer will you have to worry about preparing your house when they announce on the news that your home is in the path of a hurricane, as there won’t be any need for installing plywood or shutters to protect your doors or windows. Instead, you can focus on more important things like making sure you have the necessary items such as food and water, in the event of an emergency situation, like a power outage.

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