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If you have a family, then one of your biggest concerns is to make sure that intruders do not get inside your house.  If you have sliding glass doors, then you know they are just as hard to secure as windows are, when compared to traditional solid hinged doors that once the proper latches and deadbolts are closed then your home is pretty much secured.  And while there is no security system that can guarantee complete security, there are definitely steps you can take to minimize the chances of a thief breaking in.

Intruders like sliding glass doors and windows as they create easy entry points to gain access to your property, but there are measures that can be taken to make things harder for any possible intruders.  There are 3 things to most burglars don’t like which is noise, time and light, which is exactly what you want to use against them for security windows and doors.  Impact windows should be installed carefully for optimal security.  If you have shrubs or trees that are blocking light from entering your home you should trim those.  Install lights right outside of all doors and windows to deter intruders when they turn on.

Since time is something intruders don’t like, you want to make it hard for them to get entry and this is exactly what security doors and windows accomplish.  Make sure that you have solid fixed frames on your security windows or doors.  The frames should fit the window and door opening tightly so that a burglar will not be able to lift it, that’s why it is important that the frame is made of strong materials.  Another thing to check for is that your doors or windows have the right types of locks, for windows you should use key locks and for your doors deadbolt locks are the best.  As far as the glass you should look for either poly-carbonated glass or tempered safety glass.

Another great tip is to try and keep expensive collections out of the visibility of the windows, so any antique collections such as furniture or wall paintings should not be visible through your sliding glass doors.   One of the favorite times for thieves to strike is when homeowners go on vacation.  So other than during hurricanes then the times that you take vacation is when your security impact windows or doors will be most beneficial, not to mention they will give you peace of mind knowing that your home is secure, so you can actually enjoy your vacation.

When you go on vacation, try to make your home look how you normally leave it when someone is there or when you go away for work.  For example, make sure the blinds are in the same position and consider using automatic timers to turn on and off your lights at night.

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