What Type Of Window Is Right For You?

How do you know how to choose a specific design or style for your house without losing the functionality of that window or door, such as light infiltration and air.  This is why it is important to speak with an impact window contractor, so that he or she can walk you through the pros and cons of each option so that you make the best choice.  From there you just need to make sure they are installed properly and then it will not matter what design or style you chose they will all serve your needs without the headaches.

With impact resistant window replacements you can tailor each window specifically for each room in your house, that means you can match and mix styles since each window will be custom made for your particular needs and home.  For example, for your bedrooms you may prefer the horizontal roller window that will be easy to gain access in the event of an emergency.  And for the front of your home you may like the single hung window design.

When it comes to impact resistant glass and frames you will find that all styles are available, as there is a large selection when it comes to insulation, obscurity, glass color, grid patterns and Low-E that are available.  It’s important to keep in mind while you are doing the selection process that each door or window opening will have its own specific needs, such as in the intense afternoon sun you may need to get a window that will be able to filter the heat gain in certain areas of your home that may be in direct contact with the sun.

Single Hung Windows

With this classic design of single hung windows you will find that the bottom sash will be able to move down and up within the frame of the window.  Depending on the manufacturer you can find the bottom tilt in sash available and the top half of the window is normally in a fixed position.  Most homeowners prefer this traditional style of window and it is a very popular choice for window replacements.

Double Hung Windows

On these types of windows you will find 2 operable sashes, at the bottom and top sashes can both move down and up within the frame.  So if you want, you could actually keep the bottom sash closed and open the top sash so that you can get ventilation in your room or home.  So with double hung windows you won’t find them opening out, instead they slide up and down.  If you live in an area that has dense landscaping close to your house, then this can provide a distinct advantage, this is also a good choice if your home is built really close to your neighbor’s home, such as patio or coach homes that have limited patio space and narrow walkways.

When it comes to double hung windows the key features are the tilt out lower and upper sashes.  Most homeowners like this features because it makes cleaning these windows very easy when compared to other designs and contractors like this design for repairing caulking as it is simple and convenient and it is easy for inspecting weather proofing strips.  You can even order your windows with sashes that can be completely removed, this will be important, especially if you ever have to replace a damage sash, as you can just replace the sash instead of having to replace the entire window.

Casement Windows

These types of windows will swing out like a door for opening and they are either hinged on the right side or left side, you can also find casement windows as a projected window design.  One of the main benefits of casement windows is that they provide a larger view and allow more light to enter your home.  You won’t find any design that will open as wide as a casement window, this window can open completely away from the frame due to the design of the sash.  This is also beneficial when it comes to cleaning as it will be a lot easier, you can even get washable hinges and they allow for full ventilation and air circulation.  It’s because of the hook locking mechanism that comes with casement windows they are actually harder to break into.

Awning Windows

These types of windows will give you 100% ventilation when opened and you can open one or more of the sashes from the bottom, they are very similar to casement windows but turned on their side.

Horizontal Roller Windows

These windows are really easy to open and they are a favorite of homeowners as they will give you wide open views and breezes by gliding open.  You can find them in several sizes and they come with an optional right and left sliding sash.  To open these windows, you would just move the sashes sideways as they are on rollers; this is great if you have a window right above the couch or if you have an egress window in your bedroom.

Picture/Architectural Windows

You can use these in areas where ventilation is not a big concern, as the main purpose of these windows is to provide light and most of them are Fixed Lite Windows that don’t open up.  These come in virtually any size and in a variety of shapes such as the standard picture window style, circles, octagons and squares.

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