Storm Windows: An Airtight Solution

Storm windows are a time-tested and a trusted method of making our home energy efficient and reducing heat transfer. If you live in an area that is subject to extreme temperatures, heat seeping into or out of your room can be a big problem. This problem is acute in older houses that have air leaks around the doors and windows. If you are planning window replacements, it is a good idea to opt for impact windows, as it helps in reducing energy costs and improves the overall comfort. worker installing new windowThese windows are usually made from wood or aluminum. There are different models of impact resistant windows available in the marketplace. When buying these windows, the two most important factors you must consider are the price and the decor of your room.


The most known benefit of impact window is that it increases insulation, which helps in reducing energy bills. In a residential setting with antique or stained glass, these windows provide protection from harsh weather that can cause considerable damage. At times, households may use these windows to reduce outside noise. This feature is especially useful to those who live near a busy road.

Another benefit of installing these windows is that they protect your home from air-borne pollutants. Also, these windows act as an additional barrier that could prevent intruders from entering your home. Some households, especially those with small kids, install these windows to prevent UV rays from entering their home. UV rays are one of the known causes of cancer in children.

Impact Windows vs. Ordinary Replacement Windows

Replacing the existing windows of your house offers several benefits. Most people who opt for window replacements prefer using impact windows because they offer several benefits that are not available in regular windows. For starters, the installation cost of these windows is inexpensive. Also, the time taken to install these windows is far less than standard windows.

When you install regular windows in the existing structure, it may involve a fair amount of carpentry which is both time consuming and expensive. However, if you opt for replacement windows, you don’t have to make any changes to the existing structure. Also, you reap the benefit of added insulation without modifying the appearance of your home. At times, correctly installed hurricane windows offer better insulation than double-paned replacement windows.

DIY Insulation

Even though you don’t need professional expertise to install impact windows, it is in your interest to get help from a professional to install these windows. This will ensure that the best possible insulation is done. If you have experience in installing windows, you can certainly do the job without getting professional help. However, those without any experience would do well to spend some money on professional and quick installation.

People, who are confident of their home improvement skills, will be happy to know that you can complete this job without using any professional tool. Also, the installation is quick and can be completed in a few hours. However, the installation process may vary depending on the brand you choose. Therefore, you must read the instruction manual supplied by the manufacturer before attempting installation.

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