What Are Hurricane Windows?

You may have heard someone talk about impact resistant windows at some point, but you don’t have a clue of what they are.

So, what are impact windows?

Impact resistant windows are also referred to as hurricane windows, or storm tight windows. These windows are tailored at protecting homes and properties against potential damages occasioned by storms, hurricanes or other severe weather conditions. These windows also provide protection against home break-ins and frequent burglaries. Below are some of the reasons as to why storm resistant windows can withstand forces which come with storms and hurricanes.

Reasons why hurricane resistant windows are suitable for protecting your home against storms and hurricanes; 

· A laminated layer of glass – hurricane proof windows have two layers of laminated glass, with an additional layer of plastic film that is sandwiched between the two layers of glass. In the event that a storm breaks the laminated glass, the plastic film will definitely prevent the glass from shattering, therefore maintaining the integrity of the impact window. 

· Robust frames – hurricane windows have more robust frames than regular windows, thus giving them the ability to withstand storms and hurricane alongside other severe weather conditions. These frames are made from heavy duty metals or other strong materials. 

· Unique glazing processes – storm proof windows are made using a unique glazing process. Therefore, the glass used to make these windows stand a very minimal chance of being separated from the frame or getting shattered in the event of storms or hurricanes. 

The Benefits of installing storm tight windows in your home 

· 24 hour storm and hurricane protection – If you live in places which are prone to storms or hurricanes, installing impact windows in your home will guarantee you a 24 hour protection against high velocity storms and hurricanes. This will save you from the hassle of repairing damages occasioned by storms, hurricanes and other severe weather conditions. 

· Significant noise reduction – Hurricane impact resistant windows will not only protect you from hurricanes and storms, but also significantly reduce outdoor noises. You should therefore install these windows in your home in order to be guaranteed of getting a quiet and peaceful environment when you are inside your house. That is why these windows are a worthy investment for people living near busy highways, intersections and heavy traffic. 

· Maximum protection against ultra-violet rays – storm windows provide 100% protection against harmful ultra-violet rays. You can install these windows for purposes of protecting your valuable interiors such as your favorite photographs, flooring and furniture against fading due to overtime exposure to direct ultra-violet rays. 

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